Bayshore Living

Food Haven

Within 5 minutes drive from Bayshore lies the laidback and affluent Siglap which comprises mainly of landed properties and condominiums. Like Holland Village, the beautifully landscaped Siglap Village is lined with coffeeshops, cafes and pubs which offer delicious local and international favourites among Singapore’s Easterners.

Local Favorites

Siglap is one of the main dining outlet for Easterners. Some of the famous local dishes include Jalan Tua Kong mee pok & kway teow mee, Jin Wee hainanese pork chop, Killiney Kopitiam roti kaya served with soft-boiled eggs and rich kopi prepared in a traditional way, duck rice, beef hor fun, kway chap and nasi padang.

International Dining

Restaurants include Megumi Japanese Restaurant, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café and Pasta Fresca DaSalvatore. For those who prefer fast food, Siglap Village has McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food . For sweet-toothed lovers, Royals Café popular for its pies, serves decent cakes as well as Coffee Club, Cheesecake Café, Starbucks, Hagen Dazs and Udders Ice-cream.


Just round the corner of Siglap, you will find Malt House and Georges Mad Bar popular for its large alfresco dining, serves wide range of beer, hearty mains and solid appetizers.

With so many enticing local and international cuisines in Siglap Village, diners certainly are spoilt for choices!