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Michael Ng, Division Director, R011603G

Michael, a Division Director, joined PropNex in early 2005 after being in the banking industry for more than 30 years. Retiring from the local bank as Vice President (Treasury), Michael is able to provide his clients with specialist advice in banking which is essential in helping them make well informed decision on the real estate transaction.

Michael is a very confident, knowledgeable, passionate and approachable professional real estate agent. By projecting confidence and knowledge, he is able to assuage any fears in his clients that might keep them from closing. He will always set to work on an opportunity proactively to establish trust with buyers and sellers and is willing to work with all sorts of different people to meet their requirements.

Michael has been very fortunate to be able to do well in his real estate business and has consistently been recognised either as the top 50 or top 100 champion producers.

Michael believes that his success in the real estate business is primarily due to his hunger for success, positive attitude, friendliness, professionalism, integrity and a never give up attitude. He was featured in the book 'Success in Real Estate Vol 4'

In 2012 Michael was conferred the prestigious title 'Propnex Ambassador' when Propnex created the Propnex Ambassadors' Awards to recognise and acknowledge the 424 exceptional Salespersons or 'Real Estate Ambassadors' who have been showing consistent excellence and loyalty to Propnex Realty Pte Ltd  for 5 years and beyond.

In 2014 Michael was among the top 10% of over 5,500 salesperson in Propnex Realty Pte Ltd who was handpicked from a rigorous selection process to win the 10 years Ambassador Awards. These winners were individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, community involvements and outstanding performance.

Michael consistently tries to groom his team of very dedicated agents into champion produces. Call Michael at 8188 6623 if you want to be successful agents in his warm, caring and fun loving team