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Future Of Bayshore

Located next to East Coast Park with existing public and private housings in the surrounding, the 60-ha precinct will be a new lifestyle waterfront urban village for about 12,500 dwelling units of public and private housing.
Imagine a vibrant neighbourhood where the main street is lined with shops, cafes, grocery stores, childcare and elderly facilities within a short walk or bicycle ride from home. Residents can enjoy tree-lined walkways, or cycle along dedicated cycling paths to Bayshore MRT station and Bedok South MRT station – which will be within 5 to 10 minutes from their homes.
With less reliance on cars, the future residential developments here need not provide 1 car park lot for every unit.
Bayshore Street as community spine
Anchoring the precinct is a 1 km-long main street with wider pavements for a more pleasant walking and cycling experience.
Lined with trees, shops, cafes and parks, this street will be connected to a network of courtyard spaces within nearby residential blocks, offering a diverse range of facilities and extended community spaces for all to enjoy.
This community spine will also lead residents to an integrated transport node above Bedok South MRT Station where residents can shop and dine.
Courtyards as common living room
Future Bayshore residents can look forward to a courtyard-and-tower housing typology. This comprises both low and high-rise building blocks planned around a courtyard that is integrated with shops and community facilities.  The courtyard is like the "common living room", where residents can bring their children to play at the playground, buy groceries from the supermarket and children and the elderly can interact at co-located childcare and senior care facilities.

Gateway to East Coast Park
Future Bayshore residents will be able to walk directly to East Coast Park via a new landscaped bridge planned across East Coast Parkway and enjoy access to other parks and open spaces across the precinct. Visitors can easily access the East Coast Park with a 10 to 15 minute walk from the MRT stations.
Reminisce old coastlines
Residents can enjoy a linear green that marks the former coastline and is nestled behind the existing row of low-rise private residential developments along Upper East Coast Road.
Future-Ready Community
Bayshore Precinct is also being planned as a future-ready community, which is sustainable, people-centric and car-lite with flexibility to accommodate change over time. In the future, the use of Autonomous Vehicles may present opportunities to free up space for parks, community facilities and other uses. The master plan will anticipate changes in technology in phases, providing resiliency to adapt to the changing needs.

Source: URA